Life Coaching – An Art Form

Life Coaching is not only a rewarding profession.  It has developed over recent years and is considered powerful way to help people, providing individuals with their very own “guide” (coach) who works with them to improve all areas of their lives. It has shifted the old models of how people get support, by taking a unique, client-centred approach to taking action, removing procrastination making positive changes. Since Life Coaching is an Art Form, so like any successful artist, being a Life Coach requires not only natural talents, but also trained skills and a passionate desire to make a difference to a persons life. So as an Artist, you must continually hone your skills in order to help each client bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be in the future.

A good Coach never takes a coaching session lightly. This time together offers a confidential and sacred space for the client, providing them with the opportunity to be heard and within that space, great things begin to happen. The clients own problem solving skills begin to develop and they discover that they are able to solve their problems without seeking advice. This realization in itself triggers a shift for the client, as they begin to see things from a different perspective and tap into that part of their mind that already knows the answers.

As a Coach listening, with full focus and attention to the other person, is a necessary. A skilled Coach has the natural ability to listen intently. Listening provides a powerful connection for clients who are allowed to express themselves fully. Assisting others in having a better life involves more listening than advising. When someone is listened to with full focus on what they have to say, they create their own solutions, arrive at their own decisions, and discover resources and possibilities they did not appreciate before. When they talk through their life in a safe space, with another professional Coach who has no agenda or judgemental views of who they are or who they should be, it brings light and new meaning to a clients experience, opening new doors of possibility and removing old ways.

As a Life Coach, I ensure that I am fully present for my client for each session, clearing my head of all distractions beforehand. Listening does not mean inactive, it requires great focus. As a Coach you are listening for the subtle statements, words and unconscious communication that leads you to the client’s fears, limiting beliefs, goals and desires, including tapping into your own intuition which is why you MUST BE fully present.
The Coach will help to create a bridge which connects the client to their internal goals and the external world we live within. The sessions enable the client to access their skills, talents, resources and emotional connections and apply them to achieving the future they really want.

As a Life Coach many of my clients are already happy and successful – not everything has to be ‘broken’.  My sessions also offer clients a place of freedom…from their perceived limitations, fears and any other obstacles, a space to think things through in order that they continue on their journey.

The best qualities about this art form is that it’s real and action oriented. Turning visions into reality. Like an Artist you begin with a blank canvas, whilst your clients provides the outline of the picture with a world of possibility, where the only limitations are their own. You as the coach will guide the process, help bridge the gaps and perfect the detail.

“There are three types of people in this world. Firstly, there are people who make things happen. Then there are people who watch things happen. Lastly, there are people who ask, what happened? Which do you want to be?” Steve Backley

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