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Do you ever wonder what is happening to your body, when you have back ache, head ache, minor or major ailments?

Do you quietly expect to develop illness that is present in the lives of your parents or grandparents? Do you take this as a given due to aging or that illness happens to other people?

The Merck Manual (the world’s best selling medical textbook) is strangely silent on specific causes for many illnesses, with stress often listed as a contributing or aggravating factor. Auto-immune diseases appear to be epidemic and far more prevalent in the Western world than anywhere else on the planet. But…. What is actually happening to our bodies and what is the cause?

At the conference I will be introducing META-Health, a powerful systematic analytical tool, based on the mind-body-spirit-social connection, and take you through the practical steps and a simple PROCESS of understanding and dealing with the state of dis-ease in our own bodies, with grace, humour, positivity, style and enthusiasm.

As META-Health is a stand alone tool which can illuminate and illustrate the stress triggers of illness and dis-ease, therefore once the cause has been discovered then varying modalities can be integrated including timeline therapy, hypnosis, tapping and matrix re-imprinting.  Combining with some of the top coaches and scientists in the UK META-Health will invite you to live and understand a completely different paradigm on how to live a conscious wellbeing life for both you and your clients.

So if you are curious about whether time is a fact or an illusion and how to manage it.  How to sustain your practice by assisting others and who do coaches go to for assistance, now that is an interesting concept.  Or if you want to break out of your trance state and up your own personal self development procedure or practice this is a one day that will surely not only inspire and excite but is packed with golden nuggets of information for you to take away.

Learn to take control of your own health and joie de vivre, by exercising your creativity in this fun and interactive session. Gain an understanding of how we can locate and laser-target specific beliefs and events most pertinent to a current or ‘likely’ health condition and defuse those little time bombs for ourselves and for our clients and much, much, much more.

I look forward to connecting with you on the 21st November

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