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I have some seriously disconcerting news to share: my comfort zone has caught up with me! It is a crafty little stalker, and I am shocked to realise that I haven’t been able to shake it off yet. I acquired some new skills, and… it did as well. Now we are both reunited, stronger than ever, and so I guess the saying must be true: in personal development, you really are never done.

Actually, maybe that is the case no matter what you do. Take the triathlon for example: you start with an innocent little Sprint event in your local pool, then you graduate to Olympic distance and open water swims, on to 70.3 distance, and then you jump over to Ironman. Once you reach your iron goal you think you can relax, but… Are you done yet? No! Because there is more fun stuff to come after the hardest challenge you thought you could find. You can do a double-Ironman. Then you can do five of them on five consecutive days. Not enough? You can do five of them, on five consecutive days, on five different islands!! You think I’m crazy? Google it:

Of course not everybody wants to be epic all the time, and so after you achieve epic status once, you might be happy to cruise the rest of the time at pretty darn great. So my question is, have you reached your ultimate level yet? Are you sure? Are you really, really satisfied, in every single area of your life? Do you score your own personal idea of 10 out of 10 in your career, relationships, health, spirituality, family life and personal growth?

Comfort zones are actually very sneaky in that they always kind of creep up on you when you think you are doing really well at pushing yourself. Your warm-up is other people’s workouts, right? But are you sure your workout isn’t someone else’s warm-up? And, obviously, does it even matter to you? Who cares about other people, right? Who cares about being epic? Nothing wrong with being comfortable, I’m sure…

But if “good enough” isn’t good enough for you, then Coaching can be a tremendous help. Even if you are very self-sufficient and regularly challenge yourself, look for ways to improve, and ooze motivation, what working with a coach can give you is razor-sharp clarity of direction. So okay, maybe you have this great big belief that there is something wonderful on the horizon headed your way. Not a shred of limiting thinking in there! But the thing is, being a little vague about when and how you are going to make it happen, and settling back inside your comfort zone to wait for it to reach you may not be the best way to go about it.

Hire a coach, and work with them to:

  1. Get crystal clear about what you want: “I guess it would be kind of cool if I could shed a little weight” is not it. Say how much weight, and by when.
  2. Check your goal is meaningful to you: it should make you sweat with excitement and anticipation when you think about it. Honestly, if you don’t get the shakes when you picture yourself achieving it in your mind, don’t even bother.
  3. Identify how far from your goal you still are: is it really just a 0.5 away from a perfect 10? Or is it more like a 3?
  4. Identify the steps you will take to reach it. Again, if you don’t feel a little shiver of excitement at the thought of how much you are going to have to stretch yourself, what is the point of doing it in the first place?

Once you have done all this, simply take action, like Epic5 finisher Rich Roll:

“Commit to the daily pressure that compels infinitesimal progress over time. Wake up before dawn and apply yourself in silent anonymity. Practice your craft, in whatever shape or form that may be, late into the evening with relentless rigor. Embrace the fear. Let go of perfection. Allow yourself to fail. Welcome the obstacles. Forget the results. Give yourself over to your passion with every fiber of who you are.”

And enjoy watching your comfort zone bite the dust… for a little while at least!

“There is always a way – if you are committed” – Tony Robbins


Natalie Debrabandere
Natalie Debrabandere
Natalie is a Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy & NLP Master Coach. In 2015 Natalie will be joining the Inspire 360 NLP Trainers Training event in Barcelona enabling her to take that important next step in her career. Using the tools of NLP, Natalie believes that you can let go of all the limiting beliefs and decisions you have ever made about yourself. You can unlock your true potential, and start living the life you really want.
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